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[Celebrate 100Day/1st Birthday with Ready-to-Party set]

■ Perfect for restaurant celebrations, virtual parties, and easy at-home parties.

* 100% refund if the package doesn't arrive on time.
* Nationwide delivery in the U.S.
* 7doljabi items are included.
* Order a 100% refundable security deposit to complete your order
* Reserve at least 2 weeks in advance (contact us for urgent order)

■ INCLUDED ITEM: EVERYTHING inside the photo.


- 1 Fabric banner with hook

- 1 첫돌/백일 mini banner with hook

- 1 Folding wooden table (diameter 17.5") with table clothe

- 1 Wooden cake table (diameter 10")

- 1 White table cloths (cover up to 8' table)

- 1 Chair cover (Chair is not included)

- 1 Gold bowls, 2 gold stands, 2 gold plates(put on top of stand)

- 2 Gift wrap decoration

- 3 Artificial food (1 fruits, 2 dduck)

- 5 Flower sticks

- 2 Silk flowers with vases

- 1 Wooden plate


- For 1yr baby: 7 Doljabi items - Stethoscope(doctor), gavel(Judge), brush(scholar), coin(wealth), fortune pouch(luck), medallion/mapae(high status), thread(long life)


- For 100days baby: Doljabi items will change to Korean traditional items. (fortune pouches, thread, and pincushion)


■ NOT INCLUDED ITEM (For pick-up clients, these are included)

- Big table to set up the decor: You can use your dining table (The recommended table size is 4~8ft long)

- Backdrop pole stand: You can simply tape on the wall (DO NOT use duck tape or double-sided tape) Or purchase the pole stand in our store (Simply slide the backdrop in the poles like a curtain)


1. Shipping
The package will be scheduled to arrive within 1 or 2 days before your actual event.
It's advisable to order as soon as possible as we process the order as it was received.

Regular shipping charges will apply if the order is placed within 2 weeks of your event.
If the order is placed later, expedited shipping charges will apply.

2. Receive
As soon as you receive the package, please inspect that all requested items are included. Please contact us of any missing or damaged items in advance.

3. Return
Please drop off the package at FedEx on the next day after the event or the following Monday after a weekend event (a Late fee of $35/day).

4. Store Pick-up & Return 
Store pick-up is available. 3 nights and 4 days rental.
Store: 500 Zenith Drive, Glenview, IL 60625

5. 100% Refundable deposit
100% Refundable Deposit is required. The deposit and the associated sales tax will be refunded 5 days after the items are received if there is no damage and all the items are present.

6. Note
Items are sanitized/steamed after they are returned but items are not new item quality.
Please make a second selection in the event your choice is not in stock. We will contact you if any adjustments need to be made prior to shipping.

7. Cancellation
All orders are final and non-refundable 
The date can only be modified based on availability.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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