Gold Dohljabi Set

The highlight of a Dohl celebration is an event 

where the child is presented with assorted itms for baby to grab.

It is believed the first item the baby selects will foretell his future.

돌잔치의 꽃인 돌잡이 세팅이예요.


아이가 집는 물건을 아이의 미래를 점쳐보는 우리만의 의식이죠.

고급스러운 황금색보료에 빨간 매화로 포인트 주었어요.

우리 아이가 무엇을 잡을까요? ^^

돌잡이 소품은 아래 소품중 5~6개 선택하시면 되세요.

( 돈, 마패, 붓, 판사봉, 청진기, 오방색지, 실, 실타래, 축구공, 야구공 )


Meaning of each Items

 Every table set include 6 doljabi items

  • Coin/Money : Blessing of wealth

  • Ma-pae(Status Badge) : Blessing of high status and respect

  • Stethoscope : Doctor

  • Gavel : Judge

  • Thousand-Character book : Scholar

  • Writing brush : Scholar

  • Blessing Pouches : Blessing of longevity, wealth and health

  • Thread : Blessing of longevity

  • Five color fabric : Blessing of dexterity

  • Pin cushion : Blessing of dexterity

  • Bow and arrow : Intrepidness

  • Baseball

  • Soccer ball